Friday, September 17, 2010

~100 HaRi MeNuJu cHeNTa~

Inshallah if Allah permits it and if everything goes as it is planned, I will get married in the next 100 days. Of all the dates in this year, I purposely choose 25/12/2010, 26/12/2010 and 1/1/2111 to mark this very special event in my life. The secret of those dates lies as followed:

25-26 - when I am 25 and will soon reach 26...
12 - From being single (1) I would live with someone else (2)

and as for the sambut menantu :
1/1/11 - when a gentleman meets a lady , there you'll have it, a couplet.

Nice huh?
Spare us some prayers. I really hope that things will run smoothly for both of us and for our families too. Till then, be good peeps!

p/s: realistically I not?


Ryehanna said...

insya Allah... evrything will go as planned..

selamat menjadi pengantin baru hujung tahun nnt ye!

~AziaTi AziZ~ said...

thx ana ^_^

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